Studio Art Classes

Path with Art classes provide hands-on, dynamic, and informative arts education led by Seattle-based professional Teaching Artists. Our classes are open to individuals of all skill levels, are free to eligible participants, and all materials are provided. 

You must be associated with one of Path with Art's many Partner Organizations to enroll.  Click here to see our eligibility requirements. If you have questions, call 206-601-7112 or email


Winter Term 2018
Registration Period:  December 18 - January 12
Classes Run:  January 22 - March 16

Spring Term 2018
Registration Period: March 19 - April 8
Classes Run: April 23 - June 15

Summer Term 2018
Registration Period: July 9 - July 22
Classes Run: August 6 - September 28

Fall Term 2018
Registration Period: October 1 - October 14
Classes Run: October 29 - December 21


Winter Term Classes:

Registration for Winter Term is now closed. 

Winter Peace200.jpg

Paint Water using Watercolor and Pencil

DATES: Tuesdays for 8 weeks from January 23rd to March 13th
TIME:  2 - 4 PM
LOCATION: Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave (map)

INFO: In this class, we will investigate Water and its healing and restorative power, by learning to draw and paint still water, moving water, reflections, and waterfalls. Using watercolor and pencils we will create paintings and drawings that explore the idea of what role water plays in our lives, how it heals and restores and calms. Drawing from both visual and audio inspirations of water, we will learn basic watercolor skills, color mixing, how to paint on dry and wet paper. Get ready to tap into your inspiration!


Getting to Know Character | Writing

DATES: Tuesdays for 8 weeks from January 23rd to March 13th
TIME:  2 - 4 PM
LOCATION: Hugo House, 1021 Columbia St (map)

INFO:  Michelangelo believed he was liberating his characters from the marble in which they were imprisoned. It can feel like we are given a similar task. Out of the rough marble that is our lives, we attempt to carve the character we present to the world. Writers of memoirs or stories do the same. Whether telling your own story or fictionalizing, you have to understand characters and give them shape. But, how do you do that? David Corbett, in The Art of Character, suggests five ways of shaping characters who invite us to care about them: they have needs that cannot easily be satisfied; they exhibit strong but contradictory desires; they have a plan for overcoming opposition; the unexpected happens and reveals their vulnerability; and, buried within each of them is a secret. This writing course will explore how to understand and give shape to characters when there is more to them than meets the eye.

Wishes Lives Dreams Quilt.jpg

Wishes, Lives & Dreams | Collage

TEACHING ARTIST: Deborah Lawrence
DATES: Wednesdays for 8 weeks from January 24th to March 14th
TIME:  2:30 - 4:30 PM
LOCATION: Recovery Cafe, 2022 Boren Ave (map)

INFO: In this collaborative class, we will create several individual collage panels by using color, pattern and repetition to explore personal ideas, dreams, and stories. As the course proceeds, the small square artworks will be arranged together in a quilt-like checkerboard creation followed by a round-table discussion of placement based on the principles of contrast, color, and pattern. . . The final arrangement is photographed from above. Each artist takes home their own squares, and a poster of the entire quilt. Get ready to investigate figures, words, abstract and lifelike compositions!


Introduction to Songwriting

DATES: Wednesdays for 8 weeks from January 24th to March 14th
TIME:  11 - 1 PM
LOCATION: Hugo House, 1021 Columbia St (map)

INFO: Have you ever wanted to write a song but didn’t know where to start? Whether or not you have experience playing a musical instrument or not, this class will introduce you to the craft of songwriting by engaging in exercises, poetry, singing and speaking your truth. Spend time with guest musicians, and get on hand guidance from Camille Bloom, an internationally touring songwriter and teacher. We will wrap up the term with an optional informal concert, to workshop and support other students in their song writing experience! Get excited to explore your songwriting abilities! 


Survival Kits-Mixed Media

TEACHING ARTIST: Michelle de la Vega
DATES: Thursdays for 8 weeks from January 25th to March 15th
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Seattle Public Library Downtown Branch, Room 6, 1000 4th Ave (map)

INFO: Through art and dialogue this class will explore the symbolic, literal, mental, emotional and physical ideas about what we need to survive and thrive in our lives. We will create our own personal artistic “Survive and Thrive Kit Boxes” using drawing, painting, collage and found objects. Students will leave this class with a unique multi-media design that is sure to leave an impression!


The Art of Performance | Advanced Students Only

DATES: Fridays for 8 weeks from January 26th to March 16th
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Theater Schmeater, 2125 3rd Ave (map)

INFO: In this fun and engaging class, students are invited to further tailor their performance storytelling abilities through the use of voice, language, movement, character development, acting, and public speaking.  At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to understand basic concepts of dynamic performance, discuss how emotion relates to communication and connection, interpret how voice and body language relates to storytelling-all leading to an impactful performance of their choice!



Intro to Conceptual Art

DATES: Fridays for 8 weeks from January 26th to March 16th
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Seattle Art Museum-Nordstrom Art Studio Space, 1300 1st Ave (map)

INFO: Conceptual Art can be defined as "art in which the idea presented by the creator is considered more important than the finished product, if there is one." In this thought-provoking class, students will develop 3 conceptual art projects of their own design as collaborators, in recognizing their mind-bodies as viable art materials, develop outreach strategies to connect with potential audiences, and will document and share the results of their efforts! We will also explore various disciplines including performance, sound, and photography. Come one, come all to this; all experience levels are welcome!


The Path with Art Singers

TEACHING ARTIST: Rebekka Goldsmith
DATES: Mondays from January 29th to June 25th
TIME:  2 - 4 PM
LOCATION: Plymouth Church - 1217 Sixth Avenue (map)

If you love to sing or have always wanted to sing, this is the group for you! Together, we will learn good breathing, vocal warm ups, sing songs of many genres, and have a lot of fun. The choir will also have several opportunities to perform throughout the year. Come sing with us! All experience levels welcome.

* Between these dates, the Path with Art Singers will meet every Monday from 2-4 PM with the exception of federal holidays.  All students who want to participate must register at the start of each term.