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Path with Art classes provide hands-on, dynamic, and informative arts education led by Seattle-based professional Teaching Artists. Our classes are open to individuals of all skill levels, are free to eligible participants, and all materials are provided. 

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Some of our classes involve physical activity. If you have concerns about the kinds of activities a class may present, please call us at 206-601-7112, so we can best accommodate your needs. 


2019 CLASS Quarters

First Quarter 2019 (completed)
Registration Period: December 24 - Jan 9
Classes Run: January 22 - March 15

Second Quarter 2019 (completed)
Registration Period: April 1 - April 15
Classes Run: April 22 - June 14

Third Quarter 2019
Registration Period: July 9 - July 26th
Classes Run: August 5 - September 27 

Fourth Quarter 2019
Registration Period: September 30 - October 14
Classes Run: October 28 - December 20

The actor and the target - Finding your way in the dark

DATES: Thursdays for 8 weeks from Aug. 8th to Sept. 26th
TIME:  2 - 4 PM
LOCATION: Market Theater, 1428 Post Alley 

INFO: Develop your imagination and use it onstage! Using the ideas of acclaimed director and teacher Declan Donnellan, “The Actor and the Target” helps actors get out of themselves and into the world of play.

Accessibility and Parking: Wheelchair ramp and first-floor access. Parking is challenging, using public transit is strongly recommended.

actor and targert.jpg

Through the lens

DATES: Thursdays for 8 weeks from Aug. 8th to Sept. 26th
TIME:  1:30 - 3:30 PM
LOCATION: Seattle Art Museum, 1300 1st Ave.

INFO: Learn how to tell stories of your world and community through photography! In this class we will gain an understanding of fundamental principles of photography like light, composition, focus and basic camera techniques. You will learn how to create images that reflect your artistic and personal vision through the language of photos and creative community we will build together!

Accessibility and Parking: Wheelchair accessible elevator access. Parking is challenging, using public transit is strongly recommended.


found ink drawings

DATES: Section 1 - Tuesdays for 8 weeks from Aug. 20th to Oct. 8th (Full) Section 2 - Thursdays for 8 weeks from Aug. 22nd to Oct. 10th
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Pratt Fine Arts Center, 1902 S Main St.

INFO: Have you ever wondered how to handle the fluidity of ink? Looking to branch out and try new mediums? Look no further! Ink is a versatile and exploratory medium that can be used with pens, brushes, organic materials and much more! We will draw found objects using both dry and wet paper to explore this medium’s wide range and possibilities. No previous experience necessary, but a sense of curiosity and exploration encouraged!

Accessibility and Parking: First floor wheelchair access. Free 2-hour street parking.

ink and wash.jpeg

Understanding Character and scene


DATES: Wednesdays for 8 weeks from Aug. 7th to Sept. 25th
TIME:  1 - 3 PM
LOCATION: Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave.

INFO: In this class we will compare and understand the characterizations of our favorite protagonists from fiction, everyday life, history and more! We will take a look at the ghosts, secrets, and wounds that lie hidden behind our character’s masks, and then put them into action against oppositions in meticulously crafted scenes. Learn to guide characters through reversals and intense changes! All experience levels welcome.

Accessibility and Parking: Wheelchair ramps and first-floor access. Street parking generally available.

Band 101: Songwriting

TEACHING ARTIST: Benjamin Bridge and Skúli Gestsson
DATES: Fridays for 8 weeks from Aug. 9th to Sep. 27th
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Plymouth Church, 1217 6th Ave.

INFO: Ever wanted to feel what its like to be in a band? In Band 101: Songwriting, we will collaboratively write, record, and perform two original songs. There are opportunities to compose lyrics, make music, sing, play or learn to play instruments, and be exposed to the basics of recording using popular software. We will have multiple opportunities to perform for ourselves and audiences. Mostly we’ll have fun. Come as you are, no experience required. Interest, desire to participate and enthusiasm encouraged.

Accessibility and Parking: Elevator access. Paid street parking and parking lots near the area. Parking is challenging, using public transit is strongly recommended.

band pic 2.jpg

The Path with Art Singers

DATES: Mondays starting Aug. 5th!
TIME:  2:30 - 4:30 PM
LOCATION: Octave 9, 200 University St.

INFO: If you love to sing or have always wanted to sing, this is the group for you! Together, we will learn good breathing, vocal warm ups, sing songs of many genres, and have a lot of fun. The choir will also have several opportunities to perform throughout the year. Come sing with us! All experience levels welcome.

Accessibility and Parking: Elevator Access. Paid street parking and parking lots near the area. Parking is challenging, using public transit is strongly recommended. (2).jpg

*Priority for all classes is based on prior attendance records, past wait-lists, and new student considerations, not based on when you register within the registration period. If you have any issues with our online form please email us at Thank you!