Studio Art Classes

Path with Art classes provide hands-on, dynamic, and informative arts education led by Seattle-based professional Teaching Artists. Our classes are open to individuals of all skill levels, are free to eligible participants, and all materials are provided. 

You must be associated with one of Path with Art's many Partner Organizations to enroll.  Click here to see our eligibility requirements. If you have questions, call 206-601-7112 or email


Summer Term 2017
Registration Period:  July 3 - 14
Classes Run:  July 31 - September 22

Fall Term 2017
Registration Period:  September 25 - October 6
Classes Run:  October 23 - December 15

Winter Term 2018
Registration Period:  December 18 - January 7
Classes Run:  January 22 - March 16

Spring Term 2018
Registration Period: March 19 - April 8
Classes Run: April 23 - June 15


Summer 2017 Classes

Registration for Summer Term classes is now closed

Choir registration is still open until August 25th.  Scroll down to join the Path with Art Singers!

Student will hear back from us by Friday, July 21st by 5:00 pm.  


DATES: Wednesdays for 8 weeks, August 2nd - September 20th
TIME: 1 -3 PM
LOCATION:  Theater Schmeater - 2125 3rd Ave

Join us as we celebrate some of our community’s most important voices - our own! This class will focus on personal storytelling and public speaking to help students effectively communicate the transformative role that art has had in their lives. Through writing prompts and exercises, participants will re ect on how creativity has helped them identify personal goals, face challenges, and work towards accomplishments.
Together, we’ll build performance and public speaking skills,so as to most effectively explore, shape and share
our experiences with others.


DATES: Fridays for 8 weeks, August 4th - September 22nd
TIME:2 - 4 PM
LOCATION:  Seattle Art Museum - 1300 1st Ave

Come draw with us! Drawing is an important foundational skill that can be effectively applied to almost all artistic mediums. In this friendly and encouraging class, we will learn the visual language of composition while exploring a variety of drawing materials. Rather than learning tricks and step-by-steps, we will focus on the honest and personal experience of translating what we see in the world into a nished drawing.




TEACHING ARTIST: Alice Gosti and Corrie Befort
DATES: Thursdays for 8 weeks, August 10th - September 28th
TIME: 3 - 5 PM
LOCATION:  Velocity - 1621 12th Ave, Ste 100

Are you ready to get moving?! Whether graceful or groovy, each class will strengthen your body, lift your spirits and ignite your imagination. We will explore a variety of movement styles, learning from the histories of a range of cultures past and present. We will study famous choreography, invent our own movements, and learn from each other. This class is for all ages and abilities and no prior dance experience is required - just a desire to have fun and learn though your body. Class is accompanied by live music and co-taught by two life-long movers who believe everyone should dance their dance.



DATES: Wednesdays for 8 weeks, August 2nd - September 20th
TIME: 2 - 4 PM
LOCATION:  Hugo House - 1021 Columbia St.

Like poetry? So do we! In this class we'll write poetry and learn the art of reading it aloud. In addition to language itself, our tools become body, voice, and in ection. Bringing sound, rhythm, and intent forward from the page and onto the stage can be a delightful experience, completing the circle of creation by sharing the work with others. That said, poets who wish to read but not share are welcome too; no one will be forced to read aloud if they don’t want to. For beginning
to advanced writers.


DATES: Tuesdays for 8 weeks, August 1st - September 19th
TIME: 2 - 4 PM
LOCATION:  Ernestine Anderson - 2010 South Jackson St.

Throughout the history of ceramics, the vessel has been the basis for a variety of fantastical gures and animals in addition to serving as a functional container. Together, we will explore the rich history of the medium and gain inspiration for our own creations. Students will learn a variety of hand building skills as well as surface decoration and glazing techniques to embellish your work. All levels are welcome.



TEACHING ARTIST: Deborah Lawrence
DATES: Wednesday for 8 weeks, August 2nd - September 20th
TIME: 1 - 3 PM
LOCATION:  12th Ave Arts - 1620 12th Ave

 Everybody can make a collage. In this class, we will take cut-and-paste to a new level by questioning the magazines we’re cutting up. Why do all the models look alike? Why are their faces so blank? As we sort through and cut up magazines, we’ll become more and more aware of sexism in advertising. This discovery will inspire us to make truthful, outrageous and unforgettable art from between the pages!



DATES: Fridays for 8 weeks, August 4th - September 22nd
TIME: 3 -5 PM
LOCATION:  312 2nd Ave South

 Learn the beautiful and accessible art of painting with watercolor. In this non-judgmental and supportive classroom we will explore brush technique, color, texture and composition. We will paint a variety of subjects such as still life and landscapes, and abstracts. This class is suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced student.


...and join our choir!  

All students who want to participate must register at the start of each term.

Registration for the Path with Art Singers will be open until August 25th.


TEACHING ARTIST: Rebekka Goldsmith
DATES: Mondays, Sept 11 - Dec 18*
TIME:  3 - 5 PM
LOCATION: Plymouth Church - 1217 Sixth Avenue

If you love to sing or have always wanted to sing, this is the group for you! Together, we will learn good breathing, vocal warm ups, sing songs of many genres, and have a lot of fun. The choir will also have several opportunities to perform throughout the year. Come sing with us! All experience levels welcome.

* Between these dates, the Path with Art Singers will meet every Monday from 3 - 5 PM with the exception of federal holidays.  All students who want to participate must register at the start of each term.

Summer 2017 Choir Registration Request

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Path with Art provides programming to adults who make no more than 30% of the area median income ($18,850/year).

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Demographic Information
We collect demographic information so that we can have the fullest possible understanding of everyone who composes our student body.  If you participate in multiple Path with Art programs in 2017, you will only need to submit your demographic information once.
This information helps us better see who is participating in our programs, who is not, and how we can improve our programming to better serve a wide diversity of students. Your personal information will only be referenced for internal reasons and will be kept strictly confidential.  If you participate in Path with Art programs in an ongoing way, we will only ask you for demographic information once a year.

In addition to taking one class, you can also join the Path with Art Singers.  Students need to register every term that they want to participate in the choir. 

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Path with Art Policies
1. In order for Path with Art to continue offering free arts programming, it is important that participants comply with our attendance policy.  We permit no more than 2 excused absences per term.  If you know that you will be unable to attend an upcoming class or choir rehearsal, we expect you to let us know in advance of the class date.  In order to be eligible for future opportunities including advanced classes, exhibitions, and performing arts showcases, participants must observe this policy.

2. Registered service dogs who do not cause a disruption during class (snarl, bark, etc.) are welcome in Path with Art classrooms.  Students who would like to have their service dog accompany them to class should present proper documentation to the Teaching Artist / Creative Mentor on the first day of class.  We do not permit dogs, or other animals, in our classrooms if they do not have proper documentation.

3. We keep your information confidential. If you have someone who you would like to have access to your class schedule and other class related information, please let us know and we will put their name in our system.  

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