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Our Access Art program facilitates opportunities for participants to attend first rate performances, exhibitions, guided tours, and lectures, all at no cost.  By collaborating with our arts partners, Access Art exposes Path with Art students to the creative pulse of Seattle, providing access to local arts and cultural experiences and fostering a sense of active participation in the greater community.  Access Art also benefits local cultural institutions by broadening and diversifying their audience base.

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May 2017:

Registration is OPEN NOW.  Scroll down for the registration form. 

Registration for May events in now open from: Monday April 24th through Sunday April 30th.  

Seattle Opera | The Magic Flute
DATE:  Wednesday, May 3rd
TIME:  7:00 pm
LOCATION: 200 University St (map)

INFO:  COLORFUL FANTASY. Mozart’s utterly unique extravaganza blends myth, magic, and a remarkable variety of wonderful music to deliver its life-affirming message: love conquers all. A handsome prince and his comical sidekick are given enchanted musical instruments and tasked with rescuing the Queen of the Night’s daughter from a mysterious group of priests. Undergoing trials of virtue, discretion, and charity, they realize that all may not be as it seems in this magical land. Award-winning costumes from the fabulous Zandra Rhodes (The Pearl Fishers) add to the many delights of one of the most fantastic entertainments ever created. 




Early Music Guild | Ode to the Orchestra
DATE:  Friday, May 12th  
TIME:  7:30 pm
LOCATION: 200 University St (map)

INFO:  Seattle Baroque Orchestra closes its season with a program that spans the late 17th century, one of the most exciting periods in music history. Tormented by war, plague, and destruction, those years yielded some of the finest
   orchestral works we celebrate today. Under the direction of Alexander Weimann, SBO explores the foundation of the
   Baroque chamber orchestra form with works from Corelli, Biber, and Lully as well as Georg Muffat’s concerti grossi Delirium
   amoris, Dulce Somnium, and Saeculum.


Seattle Shakespeare | A Midsummer Night’s Dream
DATE:  Wednesday, May 17th
TIME:  10:30 am
LOCATION: Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center 201 Mercer St   (map)

INFO:  Theatrical magic and fairy antics share billing in this valentine to the stage. It's a fantastical tale of love gone kerflooey. Headliners and Divas trod the boards with Top Bananas and Hoofers. Four lovers cross spotlights with squabbling supernaturals and a bumbling rube creating backstage comic chaos. The fairy Puck sorts it out before the act gets the hook, leaving us with a show stopper that brings down the house.

May Access Art 2017

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Path with Art Attendance Policy
In order for Path with Art to continue offering free arts programming, it is important that participants comply with our attendance policy.  If you know that you will be unable to attend any of the Access Art events you register for, we expect you to let us know in advance of the event date.  In order to be eligible for future opportunities including advanced classes, exhibitions, and performing arts showcases, participants must observe this policy.

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June 2017

Registration for June events will be open from Monday May 22nd through Sunday May 28th.

Pacific Northwest Ballet | Pictures at an Exhibition
DATE:  Thursday, June 8th
TIME:  7:30pm
LOCATION: McCaw Hall: 321 Mercer Street   (map)

INFO: "LA SOURCE IS BALANCHINE AT HIS MOST ELEGANT—A PERFECT APERITIF. You’ll smell the perfume in this sublime work originally created for Violette Verdy. Opus 19 is a darker work by Jerome Robbins originally created for Mikhail Baryshnikov. It is also a work I danced for most of my career, working closely with Robbins in the studio. It’s an emotional and physical marathon with enormous rewards for audience and artist alike. Our final ballet is by Alexei Ratmansky (Don Quixote, Concerto DSCH), a man as humble as he is talented. Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition is paired with Wassily Kandinsky’s vivid geometric images; the work showcases dancers as priceless masterpieces —just like this season. You won’t want to miss a bit of it." -Peter Boal


Wing Luke | Do You Know Bruce, Part III
DATE:  Thursday, June 15th  
TIME:  2:00 pm
LOCATION:  719 South King Street (map)

INFO: The Do You Know Bruce? exhibition series at the Wing Luke Museum provides fresh and untold perspectives on Bruce Lee’s life and his connection to Seattle. Developed in partnership with Bruce Lee’s wife and daughter and the Bruce Lee Foundation, it is the only interactive exhibition, outside of Hong Kong, about Bruce Lee.  Featuring personal family items and memorabilia, the exhibition series give both an intimate and wide angle approach to detailing his personal philosophy as well as the external influences and circumstances that helped shaped his journey from a young student in Seattle to a global icon who continues to inspire millions.  

Seattle Symphony| Mahler
DATE:  Thursday, June 22nd  
TIME:  7:30pm
LOCATION: Benaroya 200 University St   (map)

    INFO: Mahler's colossal Fifth Symphony embraces an entire world of sound, from the heart-rending funeral march to the
    serene and loving Adagietto. Ligeti's monolithic Requiem goes beyond this world, as proven by its iconic appearance in the
   film 2001: A Space Odyssey.