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Our Access Art program facilitates opportunities for participants to attend first rate performances, exhibitions, guided tours, and lectures, all at no cost.  By collaborating with our arts partners, Access Art exposes Path with Art students to the creative pulse of Seattle, providing access to local arts and cultural experiences and fostering a sense of active participation in the greater community.  Access Art also benefits local cultural institutions by broadening and diversifying their audience base.

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Current Access Art Events

March 2017

Registration for March events will be open from Monday February 20th through Sunday February 26th.


MoPOP  | Exhibition Pass
DATE:  Wednesday, March 15th
TIME:  2:00 pm
LOCATION:    MoPOP 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 (map)

INFO:   Enjoy exploring the exciting MoPOP with an exhibition pass.  You can see many amazing exhibitions including the Hendrix exhibit where you can discover the shy genius of Hendrix through an immersive gallery soundtrack featuring rare Hendrix interview clips; Hendrix’s only passport, issued on the day he left for London on September 23, 1966; his diary, where he recounts friends, shows, and experiences from the road; an Electric Lady mixing console from the personal recording studio he used during the last weeks of his life; and other original artifacts, artwork, and photographs.


Richard Hugo House  | Word Works: Mary Gaitskill
DATE:  Thursday, March 16th
TIME:  7:00 pm
LOCATION:     Washington Hall, 153 14th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 (map)

INFO:   Award-winning author Mary Gaitskill is best known for delivering powerful stories of dislocation, longing, and desire with prose that “glides lightly over unsoundable depths” (Village Voice).  The New Yorker called her National Book Award-finalist novel, Veronica, “one of the great American novels of the past decade,” and The New York Times Book Review called her latest, The Mare, “extraordinary…[A] magnificently hopeful novel.” What is that mysterious quality that makes the plot and characters of a novel or short story seem real, even when they are outlandish? Gaitskill calls this inner life of fiction the “inner weave,” and in her Word Works talk, “The Inner Weave: Mystery and Imagery in Fiction,” she will describe how this “inner weave” may be created through language, specifically nonverbal imagery with layers of meaning and/or feeling through which we may sense the hidden and irrational life of characters and stories—that is, what makes them most deeply real. Q&A will follow.

Theater Schmeater  | Yankee Pickney
DATE:  Friday, March 17th
TIME:  8:00 pm
LOCATION:      2125 3rd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121 (map

INFO:    Yankee Pickney explores family, identity, and connection. A young West Indian woman uses journal entries from adolescent journals and her earliest memories to help her understand what it means to be Jamaican in a world where, so often, others define our identity for us.

Seattle Repertory Theater  | Dry Powder
DATE: Tuesday, March 21st
TIME:  7:30 pm
LOCATION:       Seattle Center, 155 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109 (map

INFO:     This new dark comedy delves into the world of those who mold and mess with the American economy. Rick, a private equity firm CEO, creates a PR nightmare when he throws himself an extravagant engagement party after forcing massive layoffs. Seth, one of Rick’s managing directors, tries to rectify the situation by pursuing a luggage company ready to be taken to the next level. But Jenny, Seth’s counterpart at the firm, suggests a countermove that relies on leveling it. The game is on in Sarah Burgess’ razor-sharp play about the price of success and the real cost of getting the deal done.

Seattle Symphony | Beethoven Untuxed
DATE:  Friday, March 24th
TIME:  7:00 pm
LOCATION:        200 University Street, Seattle (map

INFO:      Whether it is your first time hearing it live or your fiftieth, there is no limit to the power of Beethoven’s Fifth. This singular symphony distills human experience down to its universal truths: Fate. Humility. Struggle. Triumph. This shorter, no-intermission Untuxed concert presents a low-stress way to begin your weekend.

March Access Art 2017

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