Arts Education

Path with Art’s year round classes are taught by over 25 professional teaching artists across a wide variety of disciplines- from Sumi painting to Shakespeare- in a wide variety of classrooms- from our own Path with Art studio to the Seattle Art Museum to the Richard Hugo House. In these workshops students learn or re-learn how to trust themselves and others, develop new skills for self-expression, explore problem solving.

Social Service Partner Workshops

 Path with Art is providing on-site art workshops for select social service partners including Mary’s Place, Chief Seattle Club, and Full Life Care, helping to support and build communities within. Art created in these workshops is then used to decorate the walls of the partners’ buildings.

Access Art

Working with our arts partners, our students are provided access to to exhibitions and performances at professional art venues. This year we hope to see 42 such trips to programming at the Seattle Opera, the Seattle Rep and the Seattle Art Museum, and Seattle Shakespeare to name a few.

Exhibitions & Showcases

We hold regular public exhibitions, performances and showcases to celebrate our students' artistic achievements. These events are powerful for both our students and the broader community, allowing the public to better understand the population we serve through their art versus the lens of statistics.

Community Connections

Officially launched in 2016, Community Connections facilitates place-based arts engagement opportunities between disparate communities to foster better understanding such as the Painting and Poetry in the Parks summer workshops run in Occidental Park in partnership with the Downtown Seattle Association and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. 2017 featured “Love is Light” the lantern project and 2018 will showcase “Hear & Now”,  a year-round, multi-disciplinary sound art and performance led by theinternationally acclaimed artist Trimpin and Path with Art students.