Arts Education

Year-round classes provide hands-on, dynamic, and skill-building arts education in a variety of disciplines taught by over 35 professional teaching artists in a safe and supportive community. 

Social Service Partner Workshops

On-site art workshops for select social service partners allow us to reach students at their own comfort level, support partners, and build communities within.

Access Art

Participants are provided access to exhibitions and performances at local art and cultural institutions, led by supportive volunteers. Last year, we provided over 40 opportunities to experience programming at the Seattle Opera, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Art Museum, and Seattle Shakespeare to name a few.

Exhibitions & Showcases

Public exhibitions and performances celebrate and showcase students’ artistic achievements. These events are opportunities to shift both personal and public perceptions of recovery. 

Community Connections

Expansive art projects between our participants and the broader public bring disparate groups of people together to foster deeper understanding, and see each other through the human lens of art. 

The Community Connections 2019 project will showcase Hear & Now,  a multi-disciplinary kinetic sound sculpture and performances led by the internationally acclaimed artist Trimpin and Path with Art students.

Professional development training for staff, leadership, and volunteers in regional arts organizations helps realize more inclusive spaces for people who are low-income and in recovery. 

Arts Partner Trainings