Path with Art Toolbox

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Path with Art offers over 30 studio art classes providing 600 student opportunities, produces 24 Access Art events that allow students to view exhibits and performances at professional art venues, employs 18 professional teaching artists from a variety of disciplines, has an active volunteer base of 55 classroom mentors and other support volunteers, and has a robust group of program partners and an active volunteer Board of Directors. All programs are free of cost to eligible students.

Our Values and Beliefs

We value the transformational power of the creative process. This power comes from the process of creation, and does not depend upon the opinion of the viewer of the final work.

We believe that creative engagement is a fundamental need of the human spirit, not a luxury. As such, we provide access to the most vulnerable among us, yet those with the least access to creative engagement opportunities.

We value community. Humans are meant to live in community with others and thrive in positive community. We are committed to nurturing a safe student community, and to connect it with the broader community in meaningful ways.

We value our students. Our work with students is very much a two-way street; we gratefully accept what they have to teach us, and encourage their participation in shaping our programs and our organization. We believe our organization and all of society will be stronger with the active participation of these remarkable individuals.

We are a learning organization. Learning is an intrinsic element of our organization’s work. To be truly good at that work, to achieve and maintain effectiveness and excellence, we must be dedicated to an ethos of ongoing learning by improving our understanding and building our knowledge base.

Path with Art is considered a model organization for both national and global efforts to utilize the arts as a change agent for individuals living in homelessness and crisis and as a powerful instrument to connect people to each other. Organizations from Boston to Los Angeles and England to Japan are reaching out to Path with Art to better understand the success of our program and how access to the arts can positively impact their own communities.

Our programming is based on our Theory of Change and is designed to achieve the outcomes that reconnect our students to the better part of themselves, fuel their confidence to reconnect to community with their renewed confidence and with the community at large.

We hope the contents of our Tool Box will help your organization to achieve your goals. For more information contact Caroline Brown at