Holly Jacobson

Executive Director

With a background in non-profit management, strategic planning and communications, Holly Jacobson joined Path with Art in 2013 to help steer its next phase of growth. Holly’s professional background spans both for- and non-profit institutions. She has created strategic marketing and product solutions for Microsoft, The City of Seattle, The Seattle International Film Festival and other entertainment and education products. In 2003, Holly founded Voter Action, a national non-profit organization with the aim to secure accurate election systems. Voter Action led a national effort to develop reliable and fair voting practices which helped improve access and standards across the country. Having studied film at San Francisco State University, and worked as a director in both documentary and commercial filmmaking, Holly’s current favorite creative expression is cooking with family and friends.  She is the proud mom of three (mostly grown) children.


Teresa McCann

Grants and Events Manager

Teresa joined Path with Art in 2015 and has worked on several projects including fundraising events, community projects and grants management. Prior to joining Path with Art Teresa spent 15+ years working in project management for Microsoft, Catalysis, Billy Fez Productions and Centric Development as well as spearheading fundraising event efforts at multiple Seattle schools. She holds a BA in Communications from Purdue University.


Kate Brookhyser

Interim Program Director

Kate holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington and Bachelor of Arts from University of Redlands where she double majored in Fine Art and Anthropology. She studied Italian art and culture in Florence, Italy and studied Mexican art and culture in Central Mexico. In the field of social work she has worked as a wraparound facilitator, a case manager, and a hospital social worker. 


Sheeka Arbuthnot

Associate Director

Sheeka Arbuthnot is passionately committed to culture and the arts as functions of a progressive society. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with local and international artists and organizations that effect positive change in their communities. Prior to moving to Seattle, she worked as Curator & Assistant Director of a thirty year old non-profit arts organization in San Francisco. Her interests have focused on feminist art movements, contemporary Cuban art, and urban transformation. She received a BA in Art History from Mills College and a MA in Art History from the San Francisco Art Institute.


Sol Wagner

Systems Administrator

Sol joined the Path with Art team in March 2017. He is enthusiastic about building strong communities and the potential of art to help people better understand themselves. He believes in the importance of creativity. Sol holds a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Washington College of Built Environments. His interests include urban design, nonprofit management, affordable housing policy, community-building projects, sketching, and his dog.

Makayla Staff Picture.jpeg

Makayla Esposito

Administrative and Communications Coordinator

Makayla is the newest member of the Path with Art team. She has spent the last few years working as a National Service member through AmeriCorps with food justice and environmental organizations. She holds a BA and a BS from Guilford College in North Carolina, where she double majored in English and Health Sciences. Makayla believes in the transformative power of both art and community, and wants to help cultivate a society that values social justice and solidarity by helping individuals establish relationships with their communities and the world.


J.J. Stein

Music & Performance Coordinator

J.J. was raised in Alabama but somehow doesn't have a southern accent. He came to Seattle as an AmeriCorps volunteer with United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and his professional career includes managing the Daybreak Star Art Gallery at case managing at Plymouth Housing Group. He loves playing guitar and harmonica, singing karaoke and spending quality time with his one-year-old toddler, Robin. He has Master's degrees in Social Work and Documentary Filmmaking from the University of Washington.



Aparna Hariprasad

Program Assistant

Aparna is currently a student at the University of Washington double majoring in Psychology & Law, Societies, and Justice with a minor in Art History. She was born and raised in the Chicago-land area and ventured out to the Pacific Northwest to pursue her education. While out here, she found her passion for social change and equality on all fronts. Aparna believes in the importance of nurturing a creative spirit, and tries to do so herself whenever she can.


Jackie Mixon

Program Intern

Jackie is attending the University of Washington to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Painting and Drawing and Art History. She has a passion for social change and a professional history working with different non-profits in Seattle. She believes that most artists are not born great, but are created through passion and education. Her interests are in the arts, primarily literature and with Greek, Renaissance, and Modern art. 


Sofiya Kostareva

Program Intern

Sofiya is currently pursuing her MA in Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University. She spent the last several years working in social service and nonprofit organizations, focusing primarily on the design, facilitation and evaluation of programs that channel the arts into tools for community support and personal growth for a variety of populations. She is a passionate interdisciplinary artist and appreciates opportunities to experience the transformational power of creativity in others.