Holly Jacobson

Executive Director

With a background in non-profit management, strategic planning and communications, Holly Jacobson joined Path with Art in 2013 to help steer its next phase of growth. Holly’s professional background spans both for- and non-profit institutions. She has created strategic marketing and product solutions for Microsoft, The City of Seattle, The Seattle International Film Festival and other entertainment and education products. In 2003, Holly founded Voter Action, a national non-profit organization with the aim to secure accurate election systems. Voter Action led a national effort to develop reliable and fair voting practices which helped improve access and standards across the country. Having studied film at San Francisco State University, and worked as a director in both documentary and commercial filmmaking, Holly’s current favorite creative expression is cooking with family and friends.  She is the proud mom of three (mostly grown) children.

Sheeka Staff Photo.jpg

Sheeka Arbuthnot

Development Director

Sheeka Arbuthnot is passionately committed to culture and the arts as functions of a progressive society. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with local and international artists and organizations that effect positive change in their communities. Prior to moving to Seattle, she worked as Curator & Assistant Director of a thirty year old non-profit arts organization in San Francisco. Her interests have focused on feminist art movements, contemporary Cuban art, and urban transformation. She received a BA in Art History from Mills College and a MA in Art History from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Makayla Staff Picture.jpeg

Makayla Esposito

Community Engagement Manager

Makayla believes deeply in the transformative power of creativity, and wants to help cultivate a society that values social justice and solidarity. She graduated from Guilford College in North Carolina, where she studied English and Health Sciences. In the past, she has worked with food justice and environmental organizations, and is a passionate writer, visual arts tinkerer, and outdoor explorer.


Ghaddra GonzÁlez Castillo

Program Director

Ghaddra leverages her experience in strategic communications and marketing, arts education, and philanthropy to passionately advocate for people in need. She moved to Seattle in 2017, and prior to joining Path with Art as Program Director, Ghaddra was a regular volunteer with Mary’s Place, Casa Latina, and the Fair Work Centre. Ghaddra spent 16 years living in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa where she worked with vulnerable populations and in the arts, including in the leading art museums in Budapest, Sharjah, and Singapore. Prior to that she spent 13 years serving multinational corporations as an advertising executive with major agencies in the United States and Venezuela. Ghaddra has a BA in Communications from Universidad Central de Venezuela. She is the mother of a 15-year-old daughter, and loves travel and experiencing new cultures.


Terra Huey

Program Intern

Growing up in Washington, Terra has learned a lot about and from the community around her. She has a strong interest in studying how building or rebuilding social safety nets can help to avoid homelessness. Terra attends Long Island University Global where she studies major global issues and looks towards finding sustainable solutions. Her studies have brought her to 20 countries where she has worked with various municipal governmental organizations, NGOs, and communities.

Sofiya HeadShot 1.jpg

Sofiya Kostareva

Student Community Manager

Sofiya is currently pursuing her MA in Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University. She spent the last few years working in social service and nonprofit sectors, focusing primarily on the design, facilitation and evaluation of programs that channel the arts into tools for supporting mental health and empowering the voices of traditionally marginalized populations. She is a passionate interdisciplinary artist and dancer, who appreciates observing the transformational power of creativity in communities.

Ciara Kuldinow

Development Administrator

Ciara is a University of Washington Art History graduate passionate about art accessibility, inclusion, and art conservation. She has previous experience working with art, museum collections, and helping run a gallery space. With the endeavor to connect art conservation to social justice, Ciara looks forward to a future where the general public cares about the preservation and accessibility of the inspiring works by artists hidden within our society.


Director of Operations

Teresa truly believes that Art Transforms and has seen this firsthand over several years at Path with Art. Throughout her career she has held many leadership roles in both for- and non- profit institutions in event management, marketing, project management, photography and now as the Director of Operations at Path with Art.  Teresa is passionate about the outdoors,  friends & family, traveling, reading and dancing!


Jackie Mixon

Arts Coordinator

Jackie is attending the University of Washington to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Painting and Drawing and Art History. She has a passion for social change and a professional history working with different non-profits in Seattle. She believes that most artists are not born great, but are created through passion and education. Her interests are in the arts, primarily literature and with Greek, Renaissance, and Modern art. 

IMG_1145 (1).jpg

Arthur Mutijima

Program Coordinator

Arthur strives to break the arts out of the “extracurricular” designation they have been confined to.  Instead, he believes, “the arts should be centered at every level of society as they allow us to communicate often paradoxical, contradictory, and complicated truths about our human experiences, especially as they are related to trauma”. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya, raised in Frankfurt, Germany and recently graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. He is excited to experience Seattle’s story, both through engaging the city’s rich art history, and through his work with members of the Path with Art community.

Cally Staff Photo.JPG

Cally SHine

Production Manager

Cally is a Seattle native, and a graduate of the University of Montana. Raised in and around the arts, Cally believes in the power of art as a catalyst for change within a community. She has experience as a professional actor, stage manager, tour manager, and technical director. This many faceted approach to live performance grants her a unique perspective as an artist and producer. Currently, Cally is working to share the collaboration between Path with Art students and MacArthur Fellow, Trimpin in a show that will tour to several Seattle venues, including the Seattle Art Museum.


J.J. Stein

Music & Performing Arts Coordinator

J.J. came to Seattle as an AmeriCorps volunteer with United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and his professional career includes curating the Daybreak Star Art Gallery, video editing for Seattle Children’s Hospital and case managing at Plymouth Housing Group. While at Plymouth he helped to found a jam group that was the origin of the STRUM Project. J.J. has Master’s degrees in Social Work and Documentary Filmmaking from the University of Washington. He has a BA in Humanities from New College of Florida.

In his free time he enjoys playing guitar and harmonica, singing karaoke and spending quality time with his two-year-old toddler, Robin.