Social Service Partners

Path with Art partners with over 30 social service organizations who are working with low-to-no income adults in recovery from homelessness, addiction, mental illness and other trauma.  Our partners serve folks in a wide variety of ways — we work with transitional housing agencies, social service agencies, and mental health facilities.  Partnership with Path with Art allows social service organizations to expand their services by referring clients who would benefit from arts engagement to our creative community.  In this way, we work together to holistically rebuild and improve the lives of their clients.  In 2018, Path with Art served nearly 700 students.


Organizations already serving our target population who wish to provide their clients with access to Path with Art’s dynamic programming can contact Program Director, Ghaddra González Castillo, at

“Path with Art has allowed me to develop and nurture my creativity which I have never done before. It has also allowed me to access my emotions in a way I couldn't before. I am also learning that it's ok to not be perfect.”
- Student