Hear & Now is a collaboration between poets, visual artists, musicians, and performers, who pulled inspiration from each others’ work. Find some of the artwork, recordings, writings, and responses to their work from the greater community here.


Lee Smith, “Something Blue”

Aaronjhill, “Imagine.”

Rob, “I need a place to call home”



June 25, 2019, King5 News Evening Magazine
“Giving Voice to the Homeless at Seattle Art Museum”
“Anew sculpture plays sounds of survival and perseverance.”

June 6, 2019, The Stranger
“The Best Art Shows in Seattle: Summer 2019”
”This year, Trimpin is again partnering with students from Path with Art, a nonprofit that works with homeless people to create original works of art. Together they'll construct a new sound sculpture bursting with poetry, visual art, and, of course, music.”

June 4, 2019, SAM blog
“SAM Connects to the Hear & Now”
“I think by having a sculpture that shares these wonderful voices, not only are you hearing their voices, but your hearing that they’re a person. The voice you hear is coming from them, from their humanity.”

May 21, 2019, Seattle P-I
“New piece at Seattle Art Museum builds on community perceptions of homelessness”
"The objective is to have people examine their own perceptions, while maybe also experiencing different perceptions, around the issue of homelessness by people who have that lived experience," Jacobson told the SeattlePI. "On the kiosk there are questions, give us your questions about homelessness. We are going to take what comes from that kiosk, those public perceptions, and create a performance around it."

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