Greg Adamson

How can we make our home
A home?
Our community must act
As a community


Jimmy B

The people who live on this planet
Will regret the way that they ran it
If they don’t cool their jets
And the atmosphere gets
So hot they can no longer stand it.


Brian Baker

I am a visitor
Never been before
I come from Australia
And will be back for sure.



Aubria Boynton

Sirens shatter the park
A man spits on the ground.
Life is Grand...
Lord, why am I here?


Christopher Buckley

I don't fit because
I do
I pray, I believe
I'm here too
In our Kingdom of Doubt
Faith is the Fool
How can we belong
When rejection's the rule?
We know there's a truth, though that may seem naïve
But we're only as diverse as the ways we believe


Donald Butler

A black empowerment chant I wrote 50 years too late:
Ain't nobody going to mess
with us;
And we ain't going to ride
on the back of the bus.


Marina Carter

Each mourning, I see the cranes
With crooked necks and steel feathers
Invasive species


Emmanuel Christ

I wish we
could become faster
and make life fast
enough to make it
in life in areas
of survival too!!!


Malcolm Coffman, Real Change Intern

Thin nylon walls
Don't keep out
The claws of cold,
The burn of sun.

Torn blankets and old clothes
Don't keep out
The muffled sounds,
Of bitten tongues.

(dirty whispers,
asphalt beds,
look away...
look away)

But even the tallest, pointed gates
The thick wooden doors, with iron locks
The curtained windows, warmed
From inside comfortable homes

Can't keep out
The fact that we are one




Mistakes -
    disheveled tenants,
evicted only by


I live in
no man's land,
where not enough
is too much.


Sister, Brother
Lift me up
So I can
carry another.


There is no
such thing as
away. We
are all here.


We are all here
A little bit of space
A whole lotta grace
See my face
I see you


Gold trickling
upward from the street
paper mache palaces
play rooms, board rooms
costumed work houses
Rain trickling
downward to the street
flooding fleeting tarp towns
no toilet, shower, or sink
invisible houses


Light of my soul
Shine, out blaze
Burning paper gold
in these demon days


Left-over Change from the past is what we got.
Present, spare, extra Change left lying around, is not.

We don't have too much Change, not by a long shot!
We need more Change! Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s

Today prosperous Change is enjoyed by some,
spare the hurting, hungry and homeless ones.

Welcome Home Y'ALL

We are ALL here.
We need most of us to fix ALL of us.
Over and Over and
Over and Over again
Until ALL are found
ALL brought home
ALL made safe
ALL made sound


Daniel De La Cruz

lock your doors
and Turn out the Light or
ghost and goblins will spook
you with fright
Jump in bed
then pull the covers up Tight,
close your eyes until the
morning in Light.


Bryce Edenfield, Babel/Savage


Here we are
safe as paths,
the food eaten
and never lost.


Reside in desire
my empty pet,

mammal alms
release a mad
dream. Seal
the thorn and

be born.


Harper Fanz

Barter is the law of
how much will you give,
violence is the take.

Grace reminded us
to cover the "r" to recall
the distinction of revolution.
Why aim for a noun when
you could charge through a verb.


Jennifer L. Hamilton

Hear the tinkling wind chimes;
They softly sing to you we care
Hear the echoes of your footsteps
as you wander the cruel streets
Hear I walk with you, for
I've been hopeless too
Hear my prayer every night
as I lay my head to sleep
Hope is here with me for you.
We are all here, traveling together,
dream to hopeful dream


Lisa Hayden

We are all here.
We need to decide where to go.


Cynthia Hernandez

We Are All Here

We are all here
to rise above.
We must banish hate
and radiate love.
Brothers and sisters in unity.
A better world for you and me.
Let's join together and start today
to exemplify the things we say.
We believe in a world
that's fair and just,
but it takes right actions
to rebuild trust.


Esmeralda Hernandez

We are here just being ourselves,
Here we are with all our being listening to you God
You are I AM and in you We are here
Here We are standing alongside
other masterpieces.


Cindy Hutchings, Northwest Renaissance and Striped Water Poets

We are
the stronghold
hold on
stay strong.


Peaches Journey

We are all here, human
We not going nowhere, landlord
Getting through these days
in dazes on daises
We dosy
Chewing bubble gum
for their trouble
You double me
and you've got more
than might have
bargained for
Take that breather now
before your day runs out
before we humans join
together and make
the most of time


Jonathan Kosaka

We walk with our eyes wide open
Eagerly facing ahead
If we only remember
to look to those beside us.


Tine Lehmann


But also

your city


Alpha Lo

I am a dog missing a leg, a
swing dancer in a fedora, a whisper
on a moonlit street, a haircutter
on the beach, a bird still sleepy
eyed in the morning, a hoarse
throat from screaming at a football game,
an angry frustrated student, a pineapple
left by the side of the road, a
touch of yellow through the leaves


Natasha Marin

Lost and Found, Part 1

With the understanding that in order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red the understanding that in order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red understanding that in order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red that in order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red in order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community.

Lost and Found, Part 2

Red red red red red order to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red to solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red solve any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red red any community problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red red red community problems, we must first come together as community,

Lost and Found, Part 3

Red red red red red red red red red red problems, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, we must first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red first come together as community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red red come together as community,

Lost and Found, Part 4

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red red red together as community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red red red red as community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red red red red red community,

Red red red red red red red red red red red, red red red red red red red,


Kirk McClain, Capitol Hill Housing

We live, we breath, we see, the sky, the earth, the tree. We walk, we talk, we grow, the pain of our brothers we know. We have no homes, we sleep in parks, we challenge ourselves to prove our hearts. We eat, we drink, we laugh out loud. Our homelessness is no longer our shroud. We raise our voice, 4500 strong, to our community, we know we belong. You see us in alleys, doorways and streets, sometimes sleeping, sometimes to eat. We are your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your friend. Our passion for housing is how homelessness will end!


Cynthia Miller

The dog tore the plastic
so the magazine was wet,
but the soggy article
still poured through.
If you spray synthetic pesticides
on the apples,
it screamed in bold,
the birds will drop
and your neighbor's grandson.
It's the crowd
that makes the game,
don't you know?


Ruanda Morrison

Aloha Seattle the Emerald City
We are all here and we watched:
Unjustified Police Actions
Political upheaval and unrest in this election year
The fight for a livable wage
The departure of Boeing and the Arrival of Amazon
Skyscrapers rising, and beautiful views disappear only seen
By big spending renters
The Space Needle was the landmark that told you which way to
Go home
Now that space ship in the middle of Emerald city is fast disappearing
Surrounded by soul less homes
We cannot afford
We are all here


Amy Pau

I love Seattle in Spring and Summer time
Beautiful blossoms and flowers are in everywhere, birds are singing, butterflies are dancing....
I am blessing for the free gift from Heaven.


m.nicole. r.wildhood, Real Change News

We Are All Here

We can’t wait for
Darren – rehab.
Julie – working third shift.
Amy – pain flare-up again.

We are all here. The funeral for
Jerrell – shot by cop while reaching for his license like he was asked to do reaching for proof that he existed and could smile and drive his little girl to school every day–

cannot wait for
Darren – brother.
Julie – girlfriend.
Amy – babysitter.

because if another service –

is on the way, we have to be all here.


Angel Smith

The world seems broken
we mourn the loss
pain is in the air
The movement
is roaring
loud and clear

We share our world
and human race

Let's come together
and make
our peace
We are all here
to make the world
a better place.


Lee Smith

a good pearl feels

pearls are pale
real color.
like a diamond but
and not sparkling.
a good pearl feels
to the teeth.
that's how you tell
a pearl
from a diamond.
that's how you tell
from you.


Trains rock.
No really = they
rock back &. Forth
TRACKS in (S. Dakota)
Pretty. Bad. %
pretty bad tracks (Montana)
Ruined. by OIL * TRAINS
really. Ruined and
Loud one doesn't ?
THINK about (Idaho)
How really LOUD a.
Rocking train on
pretty. Bad tracks # can
be. When @ sleeping
through (Washington) $.


Nicole Southwell

We are all here
but I saved you a
seat, knowing you
wouldn't show.
The oyster without a pearl.
The lion
without a roar. The cat
without its claws.
The parrot, its wings
cruelly clipped.

Except you plucked its
feathers before it could
spread its wings.
A fish stripped of its
Gills covered and
in sound.

Spine taped together,
sentient and small.


Aeiryca Stanton

How about I give you
a current, a through-line
the pull of the plant
when the tomato is not ripe enough
to leave it --

the comfort of the furnace's face,
a companion who listens,
with wavy blue hair
and forgiveness.

And you give her
a spider's vantage point,
golden brown rectangles
and a prism on your hand --

a steep slope
to splashing laughter,
continuous touch,
salt on the edges,
and lines that don't
connect but wait.


Astrid Vinje

Seven billion faces looking towards the sky
Divided by their differences
United by their desire to exist
We forget
That we all share the same story
The same beginning
The same end
From far enough away
We all look the same


Rhett Vorster

Here all are we,
Yoda said in the Square.
Hearkening to the Force
Found best in all of us
In this Seattle struggle.
As I and all of my homeless comrades
Beg with dignity that we might find
The Bernie Dream, because the
American Dream doesn't work anymore.


Kathryn V. White

On the bus
I exist amidst many worlds
One-sided, plugged-in conversations
Float over
Silent many selves
Wheels turn
Bringing me closer


Ira Woodward, Community House MHA

Concrete is just rocks and sand
mixed with water.
When it cracks
and the plants come through,
we have options:
pull hard,
or let go.

the trees have small squares to themselves;
like the people,
who live in boxes.
Further out,
curving landscapes can take breath away,
still stop at the property line.

Any ballroom dance
has a rigid tradition,
leaders and followers.

These are the rules,
the boundaries that define our lives.

Hugging a tree,
gripping a branch
and swaying:
this is allowed.

And what would our city be
without sturdy wooden houses,
chimneys blowing smoke in winter?


Anonymous 1

All! people
Need a place to live


Anonymous 2

Not everyone who lives in Seattle
Can bike to work


Anonymous 3

If we all looked like peaches
then maybe we could see the bruises
and not define ourselves by them
maybe we could see the dark roots
that we come from
and not define our worth
by our color or our pain
we are not all peaches.


Anonymous 4

Sand spins in and out of my toes
like a million tornadoes
Erupting upon my feet
A hard sea floor appearing and
disappearing from around me
the ocean waves define my stability
holding me unbalanced and confused
In a constant state of broken symmetry
wondering if some
always feel this way
uneasy in the ocean waves


Anonymous 5

If I were to paint the world beautiful
I could not do it with my two hands
I would need paint brushes taller than the
space needle, and paint thick as glue
I would need a ladder to collect
glitter from the stars
A large roll of tape to
mend the holes currently cracking
I don't know who makes those things,
but maybe you do


Anonymous 6

I have 45 band aids sitting in
my bathroom drawer
A whole box of perfect plastic band aids
wrapped in neat wax paper
$4.50 spent on something
that can fix nothing
can heal none of the pain
that seeps into the splinters of
our world.


Anonymous 7

We all belong
In this space
That we hold together
With everything that
Is common and known
Between us


Anonymous 8

You never know:
maybe they are
in the midst of realizing
that the ferry
leaving for the islands
is the biggest yo-yo
we've got.


Anonymous 9

On your birthday
I will leave water glasses
at all the bus stops
and play them with long fingers
so that this city
sings for you.


Anonymous 10

get in to the we of we;
dig with clawed hand & trowel,
blister that looks like work.
lift up the dirt of this pronoun:
find the neural roots/the worm/the many-legged
& invested.


Anonymous 11

I looked but did not find
the heart of the city
in the artisanal mayo.


Anonymous 12

We are the elegant thing/the beauty made brittle and wilting.
Can I gather up my block while it still blushes?
Balance its flowerhead on a pocket edge?
Stem/root/memory as counterweight,
a wonderful tap against my chest?


Anonymous 13

We live beneath ourselves,
strut as though we are finished
in glamorous ways.
We have only our sick beginning,
none of the long turn,
the mending,
the lost love of happy violence.


Anonymous 14

We the rag men of hope,
we the built women made to furnish,
we the uncoupled, the long worded/the dirty/the perverse,
we the full reach of a pronoun,
kept locked from the skinny language
of the short-armed, the afeared:
those builders of cities.


Anonymous 15

we out here
like buoy on chop
like beauty in the dark
like holy water in Katrina
like candle at noon
like jungle of lumber


Anonymous 16

Born as orbs
Attempted to be squeezed
into a rectangle
But to fit in your box
I need to be cut by the throat...
Afraid of the unknown
Scared of the uncommon
Uncomfortable with the unfamiliar
that's common practice
But should we embrace that?
You and your allies
are not the only ones on this planet
Because we are all here


Anonymous 17

Stuck in my head

"Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Oh, let it be."
"Why?" Says Me -
for letting things be
is not working you see.


Anonymous 18

Tree thinner
Rinker 394KQ


Anonymous 19

Orphans inside of you.
We didn't know
You did


Anonymous 20

I see you
I see you
I am holding space for you
You have your full shine on
We are alive together
We are alive together
You are
and Connected

Your eyes can laugh again
Your hands can throw light

Respect for your shine
Respect for your shine
Respect for your shine

I see you
I see you
I am holding space for you

You are protected, respected and connected.


Anonymous 21

The tents come and go
Imagine the lives in them
A community


Anonymous 22

Children at school
Learning to think what we teach
Is that what we want?


Anonymous 23

Texting, social media
But not con nect ing

We write but don't talk
face to face; we do not say
What is in our hearts

We think but don't feel
We are so dis con nect ed
What is there to FEAR?

Exposing ourselves
Living with integrity
Loving who we Love.


Anonymous 24

Until we are not.
(Because one of us, or a few of us,
decide only some of us should be here.)
But here is only wonderful
when we are all here.
S0 - if noe of us here don't stand
for all of us here,
Soon there will be none of us here.


Anonymous 25

I arrived early -
So I saved us a seat.
I am anticipating seeing you.
Decades have past.
Do I want to pier into your eyes
As you tell me about about your
life and events or do I want to touch your leg
with mine to feel it
across table or bar?


Anonymous 26

Sit, chat, nibble, and laugh
We Are All Here Together
In Pioneer Square


Anonymous 27

the color wheel of life
spectrums of the rainbow
red, purple, orange, baby blue
graying at the temples
playing parts of glory
parts of destiny
tragic and heart broken
Dip the collective brush
on the palate of life
paint our city
where we all belong
on the color wheel of life


Anonymous 28

Who is the we in the we?
Diamonds and rubies, coal and shards of glass, skyscrapers and shanties
Side by side
sway with the emerald city
surrounded by water deep and dark
polluted, depleted in hiding
shining in glory.
walk the same streets
breathe the same air
but don't see the same way
United in love, separated by fear
We are all here


Anonymous 29

All things have a soul
That only it can control
At times you need to be bold
To achieve your life goals
Analyze all that you're told
Don't get stuck in that hole
When you find your true role
Time will never be dull


Anonymous 30

We are all here
we love you so dear
so keep your mind clear
fill your soul up with cheer
to cure all the fear
the end may be near
so go grab a beer
live life with no tear


Anonymous 31

we are all here,
born as orbs
attempted to be squeezed into rectangle
but to fit in YOUR box, some need to be cut
by the throat...
afraid of the unknown
scared of the uncommon
uncomfortable with the unfamiliar,
its common - and somewhat natural -
but should we embrace that?
you and your allies,
are not the only on eon this planet;
because; we are all here...


Anonymous 32

I hope
every rainy eternity


Anonymous 33

we are here as one
we work together to change
this constant cycle


Anonymous 34

We set sail into an oblivion of outcast shores.
Swelling in the longing of our roots, but roots bloom into new understandings.
We come from hardships, each touched with are own story.
Although not forgotten, our memories transform into a box of ash tucked under our neighbors bed.
We find our belonging, in the cracks of the trees that grow in our new home.
Our sisters of pearls and brothers of comets bind together to adventure through this foreign life.
We discover an unknown passion and speak to heal and nourish.
We find each other, and we are all here.