Workshops in Occidental Park

Last summer, we held afternoon Painting and Poetry workshops in Occidental Park.  Painting and poetry have been in close conversation for centuries, with lines of poetry inspiring paintings and brushstrokes and blended colors inspiring verse.  In the summer workshops, we focused on how poems and images work together to form a cohesive story.  In each weekly session of these 4-part workshops, we explored a new technique for bringing these two disciplines together.

In the spirit of community togetherness, these workshops were open to members of the general public to attend.  All were welcome.  All workshops were held outdoors under the Path with Art tent in Occidental Park, 117 S Washington Street.

Workshops were divided into two 4-week series:

  • Workshop Series A: Fridays, June 17 - July 8, 3-5pm, taught by Quenton Baker, Laurie Brown, and Patrick Howe
  • Workshop Series B: Fridays, July 22 - August 12, 3-5pm, taught by Pamm Hanson and Natasha Marin