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Register now for Spring Term 2017 classes.  Registration is open from March 13 - 24.  


Spring 2017 Class Registration Request

Basic Information

Program Eligibility

Partner Organizations
Please select ALL of the following organizations you receive services from.
You must receive services from at least one of the organizations below in order to register.

Please list your Primary Contact at one of the above organizations you selected. This may be a case manager, housing manager, resident services coordinator, or a staff member in some other role.

Path with Art provides programming to adults who make no more than 30% of the area median income ($18,850/year).

Demographic Information
We collect demographic information so that we can have the fullest possible understanding of everyone who composes our student body.  If you participate in multiple Path with Art programs in 2017, you will only need to submit your demographic information once.
This information helps us better see who is participating in our programs, who is not, and how we can improve our programming to better serve a wide diversity of students. Your personal information will only be referenced for internal reasons and will be kept strictly confidential.  If you participate in Path with Art programs in an ongoing way, we will only ask you for demographic information once a year.

Participants may only take one class per term.  While we will do our best to place you in a class that you are excited about, we can not always provide everyone with their first choice of class.  If you are open to taking more than one class, please list multiple classes in your order of preference and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

The more class choices you provide, the more likely it is that we can get you in a class.  For class descriptions, please visit:

In addition to taking one class, you can also join the Path with Art Singers.     

Photographs and Documentation

Path with Art Policies
1. In order for Path with Art to continue offering free arts programming, it is important that participants comply with our attendance policy.  We permit no more than 2 excused absences per term.  If you know that you will be unable to attend an upcoming class or choir rehearsal, we expect you to let us know in advance of the class date.  In order to be eligible for future opportunities including advanced classes, exhibitions, and performing arts showcases, participants must observe this policy.

2. Registered service dogs who do not cause a disruption during class (snarl, bark, etc.) are welcome in Path with Art classrooms.  Students who would like to have their service dog accompany them to class should present proper documentation to the Teaching Artist / Creative Mentor on the first day of class.  We do not permit dogs, or other animals, in our classrooms if they do not have proper documentation.

3. We keep your information confidential. If you have someone who you would like to have access to your class schedule and other class related information, please let us know and we will put their name in our system.  

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